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    Protect your privacy and online identity
    before it’s too late.

Why Online Privacy Matters

Your Privacy Is At Risk

Whether you know it or not, your personal information is available online.

Data Aggregate Sites Gather And Share Your Information

Thousands of data sharing sites make your address, phone number, email and other records available to anyone, often for less than one dollar.

Data Brokers Want To Keep You In The Dark

Information brokers make money from your personal information. The less you know about where they share it, the more money they make.

Regain Control Of Your Information

With InfoSweep, you have the tools to take control of your information and protect yourself and your family in our increasingly connected world.

Your Privacy: Secured

InfoSweep gives you the tools and technology you need to protect your private information online. Receive instant updates anytime your information is listed online, whether in a directory listing, news article, social media post and more. Your personal dashboard provides a complete picture of your digital footprint.

What is Online Monitoring?

InfoSweep is a proprietary online monitoring solution that tracks your personal information online. Designed by digital technology experts, InfoSweep makes it easy to locate private personal information and provides the tools to remove it quickly and safely.
InfoSweep monitors, alerts and can remove your personal information when it appears online

Online Threat Alerts
24/7 Monitoring
Comprehensive Reporting
Information Removal

It’s Your Reputation: Secure it. Protect it. Control it.

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