Infosweep Beta Test

Beta Details

First Impressions Matter. Information found online influences everything from hiring to housing to personal relationship decisions. It’s critical for you to know what’s out there about you, and to take control of your online image.

InfoSweep is a new service, designed to do just that; to put your hands on the wheel that drives what people see about you online. The service takes a dual approach:

  • First, we scan the internet for signs of your personal information, and alert you when we find something concerning.

  • Second, we keep an eye on the worst data sharing sites. We check those sites specifically for your identifying info, and when we find it, we remove it.

Why Join The Beta Team?

We’ve built InfoSweep, but we need you to make it perfect! Joining the InfoSweep Beta Testing Team is an exciting way to influence the development of an emerging software and service solution. Your input will impact everything from the way Blitz looks to the way it functions. We think we’ve done a pretty good job so far, but it’s your opinion that matters! We want to know that our service meets our customers’ needs, and for that, we need your feedback.

All beta testers will receive a full subscription to the InfoSweep service, including portal access, removals processed by our tech team, and access to our customer service team at no cost. Testers will never be charged for the service and can keep using it for the duration of the test.

What Do I Have To Do?

Beta testers get to see all of the newest features, before they’re released to the public.
You’ll have access to insights and options that don’t yet exist for anyone else.
Because these features are in testing, they might not be perfect, but that’s with your feedback, they soon will be!

Play Around:

As a beta tester, you’ll do the same things that any user would do. You’ll log in and use the app just like a typical customer. We encourage you to play around with settings, changes, and just do whatever you feel like while using the service.

Experience Not Required:

You don’t need to be a technical expert to participate in this test. We’re looking for a wide variety of testers from many backgrounds. We’re looking both for people who are very comfortable using online apps and those who are not, because we want to be able to serve both groups equally well.

Speak Up:

You’ll also be asked to provide feedback on what you’re doing and how it feels. We’ll ask questions throughout the test, asking how much you like certain features, what you think is missing, what feels difficult or broken, and how we can improve.

Don’t Sugar Coat It:

If you encounter a bug in the software, or if your experience feels bad or incomplete in any way, even if you don’t care for our color choices, we ask that you let us know, so we can fix it. We think we’ve ironed out most of the issues, but we want to be extra sure that this solution is the best it possibly can be.

Join the InfoSweep Beta Testing Team