Internet Privacy Monitoring Can Protect You and Your Family

Online Privacy Monitoring

Internet Privacy Monitoring Can Protect You and Your Family

Internet privacy is an issue that has gained worldwide attention. Two of the largest cases in the United States concern data breaches at Facebook and Marriott. Sensitive personal information was exposed long before the people affected were notified.


Case 1: Facebook

Facebook data breach exposes 50 million accounts


Case 2: Marriott

Marriott data breach exposed over 500 million


You can’t rely on corporations to promptly inform you of data breaches – you have to take steps to protect yourself.


Fortunately there is a way for you to monitor the websites that benefit from the exposure of your personal information. Ignoring this can put the privacy and safety of your and your loved ones at risk. 


Over 12 % percent of internet users report experiencing online harassment – or have fallen victims to stalking – as the result of personal information on the web.

Danger lurks in every corner of the internet. And with your address, phone number or email available for all to see, online intimidation could quickly become a serious and very real threat to your family’s privacy, safety and security.


One in four of all social media users posts sensitive personal info about themselves in their social profiles.

Chances are good someone in your family has posted important private info about themselves or their loved ones on social media – revealing data that could be used to hurt them at some point in the future. Without a strong privacy monitoring solution in place, identifying the problem and providing your family protection from online threats can be difficult, if not impossible.


Take action today

In a dangerous digital world, online privacy protection is essential. And with an InfoSweep 24/7 privacy monitoring solution, you can target and remove your family’s private information quickly – ensuring online safety, security and peace of mind.


Protect yourself and your loved ones today. Visit to sign up for affordable privacy monitoring.

Brandon Purdum

Brandon Purdum manages the content team at and Marca Global. His specialty is writing content that informs and inspires people to take control of their online rep. In his free time, he enjoys trying to keep up with his four-year-old and avoiding his novel like the plague.