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Get Protected
We stop your personal information from spreading across the web. Arm yourself and your employees with InfoSweep and stop the spam.

Private information is a hot commodity on the web. 


Data aggregate websites comb the web for your personal information, then compile and sell it to others. Internet privacy is an issue that has gained worldwide attention. Recent cases in the United States concerning data breaches have exposed sensitive personal information long before people were notified. Even if you contact a site asking for your information to be removed, it can reappear without your knowledge or consent. These sites are used by employers to run background checks. Your private or delicate information may continue to appear on these sites.

Hackers also post information they’ve collected. It’s estimated that 70 personal records are stolen every second in the USA. Nobody is safe from hackers, but InfoSweep takes steps to remove the information we can identify. InfoSweep allows you to take control of your private information, to protect yourself, your business and your family. The InfoSweep monitoring service provides protection for all aspects of your life. Everyone from utility companies and cable providers to phone carriers and marketers makes millions every year selling your personal information – information which then becomes readily available to anyone with an internet connection and just a few seconds!

How does InfoSweep work?

After entering your name and additional information into InfoSweep, the solution begins crawling the internet and searching for potential records or mentions of your personal details. Every time a new mention is identified, you receive an email to notify you of where the new record exists. Your email alerts give you the opportunity to request information removal once you are ready to take action.

Do you keep my information confidential?

Yes, every piece of client information is protected and kept completely confidential.

How much of my information is protected with InfoSweep?

InfoSweep casts a wide net to identify any mention of your information online. Our comprehensive software monitors across the web. This includes any site that displays your private information and public records, including news articles, blogs and more.

How is InfoSweep different than Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a light scanning service that uses algorithms to loosely match your specific keyword phrase with existing records online. However, Google Alerts is not designed for robust web searches, particularly those on data sharing sites that attempt to keep you in the dark.
InfoSweep’s advanced technology provides extensive web coverage that provides you with risk and threat identification, instant alerts and custom reports for all mentioned of your personal information online. We go one step further than Google Alerts by providing removal services from hundreds of data search sites across the web.

Can InfoSweep be used for my business?

Absolutely. Monitoring your company on the internet is a crucial aspect of reputation management and brand growth. InfoSweep can provide you with a comprehensive outlook of your brand online, empowering you with the information needed to improve and enhance your company’s online presence.

How difficult is it to remove my information online?

Every online removal is unique. While removal from one site might be simple and straightforward, other sites make it incredibly challenging to eliminate information from. In extreme cases, it can require legal action.

This problem is compounded by the fact that hundreds of sites make it easy for others to access private information at any given time. The further your information spreads throughout the web, the more challenging and tedious it can be to remove it from major sites.

Fortunately, our team has extensive experience in online threat removal. Our proven, effective process is designed to expedite removals from sites across the web and ensures fast and comprehensive removals for each client.