Privacy Protection For Law Enforcement

 Law Enforcement Officers, Support Staff, and related Civilians have unique privacy needs online. InfoSweep is proud to offer our services to those who serve. We know that privacy for you and your family is paramount to your safety, and to your ability to do your job.

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InfoSweep’s protection proces is quick and easy, meaning you can get back to what matters most.

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Service Options

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to protecting their online privacy.
As leaders in online monitoring and removal, we offer an affordable monitoring solution to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

We know how important it is to move quickly when protecting your online privacy. We’ve made your first month free so that you can get started right away.

    • $ 19 Monthly
      • First Month Free
      • Continuous Monitoring
      • Receive Instant Alerts
      • Remove Your Personal Information
      • Protect Your Reputation
      • Protects One Individual

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Promotional Pricing!
    • $ 19 Monthly
      • First Month Free
      • Continuous Monitoring
      • Receive Instant Alerts
      • Remove Your Family’s Information
      • Protect Your Family’s Reputation
      • Protects Up to Four Family Members

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What People Are Saying

“You wouldn’t give your address and phone number to a stranger, so why let them look it up online?”

“InfoSweep helps me and my family feel safe online by giving us the option to remove our personal information from the web. I no longer have to worry about potential fraud and feel safe now that my home address has been removed!”

“The most important thing to me is my family’s safety. InfoSweep gives me a tool to protect them from criminals on the internet.”

“I like how it pulls everything from the web into one place. Was sort of shocking to see how many sites actually exposed my info!”

It’s Your Reputation: Secure it. Protect it. Control it.

Nothing is more important than your family’s saftey, and we don’t want anything to stand in your way when it comes to online protection. To get you started as quickly as possible, your first month is free when you sign up for InfoSweep protection.